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Our automatic analysers operate as satisfactory as we educate customers in the application of new technique. Newcomers in automatic analysis but also bigger installations may require additional guidance after training, to help with upcoming questions. Well experienced users on the other hand may quickly gain autonomy after instruction training, following the user manual. We tune education support individually, to assure fast formation of reliable knowledge.

High quality components and the userfriendly design of our instruments let appear classical service only sporadically. About 90% of service requests concern questions about the method application or problems where the solution is found in instrument operation. The majority of such questions can be solved by hotline support using modern communication. The technical and application know-how for fast reaction exists in Salzburg.


The practical use of automatic analysers is for daily routine work. Consumables and spares to maintain ready-for-operation must be provided with high availability. We answer this customer requirement by standardising components, suitable organisation of stock and by local provision of know-how. We save stable and tested quality of components by the selection of appropriate suppliers, by systematic control of specifications and by keeping serial or lot numbers where useful.


Quality management systems of accreditated laboratories require suitability testing of instruments in regular intervals. Our service carries out such qualification testing with appropriate equipment and methods. The instrument status and the compliance with standard performance specifications is proven in a report.


To carry out test measurements for the applied techniques of CFA, SAA or LFA, demonstration instruments are regularely available in Salzburg. Our customers for automatic analysers receive full support in case of analytic method modification, what can be to change the measured range, to modify methods of sample preparation or to change to a different method. We provide such service from Salzburg as we also build up our customer installations in our works.


Installing new CFA analysers Alliance Instruments take back in some occassions old competition instruments (as Technicon Autoanalyzer™). With that, full operationable modules are available time-by-time, offering a cost saving service alternative to users of such analysers. The existing compatibility of CFA analysers regarding application brings along, that manifold parts are available in original quality also matching competition systems. If you are missing a part number our service can help you.

For upgrading or modification of CFA methods, the real questions usually are answered best when solving the analytical problem in customer site. Alliance Instruments provides technical competence locally.

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