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Alliance Instruments GmbH in Salzburg was founded 1990 as an independent, Austrian company with Swiss participation. The disappearance of the former market leader Technicon in the late 80's offered good opportunity, to establish new instrument concepts, being part of a European network for CFA know-how .

From the start our activities have been covering Austria and the adjoining CEFTA countries Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. Projects for PHARE and World Bank were implemented successfully, also outside this region.

After enlargement of the European Union we have today a central place in an aspiring region. From 2003 we started to act in Germany, by the end of 2005 the German Branch was found in Ainring, east Bavaria. In 2007 our german north-west office started to serve CFA users. From begin of 2009 we pooled our CFA analyser production in the German office. The number and reputation of our customers reflects our considerable market position.

Continual development in our market niche of automatic colorimetric analysis took place by the implementation of new applications, by the improvement of existing solutions to gain added benefit for users, by the local provision of competent application service and by the introduction of the Sequential (discrete) Analysis technology with installations since 1998.

Even after 20 years, despite of regular emerging new competition techniques, the liberalisation of markets and the change of customer requirements, our following guiding principles and company objectives are still up-to-date.


> Performance by specialization <

Automation of wet-chemical analysis methods, with mostly colorimetric detection, is our field of work. The company main orientation on this sector of analytical technique assures that users or potential customers easily obtain competent reply on regarding questions. Experiences over many years have made us able to implement customised solutions. The variety of customers branches provide us information about very different concepts of automatic analysers application and its quality assurance.

> Innovation by customer proximity<

Synergetic partnership is our approach to fulfill customer requirements. From the start of Alliance Instruments our local technical staff in Salzburg carries out the application of customer instruments. Special modules are developed by our technical specialists and produced locally.

Changes create new possibilities and requirements. Dynamic communication to daily routine analysis accelerates future development of instrument hardware and analysis technique.

> Equivalence of functionality, comfort and modernism <

Automatic colorimetric analysers reduce manual efford for classical methods, improve repeatability and sensitivity and facilitate quality assurance. Ease of handling optimises speed of sample processing, user friendly hardware design makes maintenance more simple and safe. New features shall bring real benefit for practical use and make analysis more reliable.

> Traditional customer care <

Customers using our instruments can operate them as satisfactory as we educate the customers in handling, technology and maintenance. Regular sharing of information and complete documentation helps our users to safe continual best performance.

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